Typical Projects List

· Identifed and solved problem with client test fixture.  Designed PCB test fixture for ball grid array connector system to allow accurate electrical characterization at 100-pS rise time.


· Incoming inspection cable TDR tester: designed and fabricated test fixtures.

Wrote instrumentation control and data acquisition software. Provided written

test procedure and training for test engineer and equipment operators.


· Advised client of good termination techniques for high performance shielded

cable assembly. Documented improved performance by providing before and

after shielding effectiveness data over the frequency range from 10 MHz to 1.0



· Measured electrical performance of backplane connector system for single-ended and differential configuratiions. Time domain testing included impedance, propagation delay, and crosstalk at multiple rise times ranging from 60 pS to 500 pS. Frequency domain testing included full s-parameter characterization (amplitude and phase) for frequencies up to 18 GHz.


· Worked with client’s supplier to resolve measurement and performance issues

surrounding raw cable electrical characteristics. Developed simple test fixturing that was inexpensive and easily implemented to provide quick, accurate, and repeatable results. Advised client’s supplier on good high-frequency test fixturing issues and techniques.


· Measured dielectric constant and dissipation factor of fluoropolymer materials over the frequency range from 100 Hz to 20 GHz. 


· Measured dielectric strength vs. temperature characteristics of a film material used in flexible circuit applications.


· Measured K & DF temperature dependence of a LCP material at 2.0 GHz

from –50 to +150 degrees C.


· Designed transfer impedance test fixture for non-coaxial type connectors for measurements up to 1.0 GHz. Wrote software to control test instruments and

acquire and display data.


· Set up and characterized an open field site for FCC radiated emissions testing.


· Designed and fabricated quadraxial transfer impedance test fixture to evaluate performance of cables up to 100 MHz. Fixture and test results were used to guide client in development of a novel cable shielding material.


· Performed competitive product evaluations on a group of Cat 5 UTP cables.


· Developed a novel test method for evaluating K & DF over a broad range of frequencies (0.5 – 20 GHz) using a test vehicle which approximated actual end-use applications.


· Set up an electrical test lab for a manufacturer of high-speed cable assemblies.  Selected equipment, developed and documented test procedures, and trained test technician.


· Designed, fabricated, and implemented a simple, cost-savings shielding effectiveness test fixture in place of a shielded room environment. Used for evaluation of cable and cable assemblies for frequencies up to 1.0 GHz. Client used fixture to monitor raw cable received from supplier as well as to verify performance of finished cable assemblies. The fixture was also used as a tool in the development of new products.


· Contributed to IPC-C-406, "Design and Application Guidelines for Surface Mount Connectors" by writing Appendix A – Electrical Considerations. This is a general overview of electrical performance issues and includes a Connector Electrical Requirements Summary Sheet, which serves as guide to ensure that electrical performance requirements are considered and defined.


· Wrote application note for client to address high-speed/high-frequency electrical design and performance issues of a Green Tape materials system.


· Reviewed electrical performance section of a cable assembly product specification for client. Identified and helped clarify some of the specifications as well as associated test methodology. Helped client’s customer improve EMI performance test method.